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About the DJ: I'm currently a senior in high school, and I'm preparing to go off to college next year to study cello performance. Apart from music, I am interested in all art forms, particularly film and literature. I'm also really into cupcakes and pie.

1. National Theater Live at the SIFF Cinema
I recently saw the encore broadcast of Coriolanus at the Uptown and it was incredible, as was Frankenstein, which was shown in October. I love that SIFF runs these broadcasts because it brings such incredible theater productions to Seattle. The shows star world-class actors as well, which makes them more accessible for young people.

2. Supernatural, Season 9
It isn't often that a show’s older than the network it's on. Supernatural has done this and still continues to bring great episodes to the screen. The scope of the show has gotten bigger since last season, bringing the conflict among the angels in heaven down to earth. The episodes that carry the story arc of the season are hard-hitting and emotional, and the monster-of-the-week episodes are just as fun as they've always been.

3. Cymbeline by William Shakespeare
I've been on a bit of a Shakespeare kick recently, and I thought I might give one of his lesser-known plays a try. Despite being a tragedy, Cymbeline is one of the most uplifting plays I've read. And it provides a strong female protagonist, which is a refreshing after characters like Ophelia in Hamlet.

4. Only Lovers Left Alive
Jim Jarmusch's latest film, starring Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton, tells the story of two aging lovers dealing with a changing world in different ways. Oh, and they happen to be vampires. The film doesn't have much in the way of a major plot, but it presents a touching and wry character portrait of the vampires Adam and Eve.

5. Soap Kills
I'm discovering them pretty late, but I am in love with this Lebanese electro-pop band right now. Even though I don't understand the lyrics in the songs, the music itself is really interesting, and I haven't been exposed to a lot of music from the Middle East. Their song “Mannin Elak” from the 2005 album Enta Fen is a particularly excellent track to check out.

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