This Just In: Teens Like Art

​TeenTix members purchased over 10,000 five-dollar tickets to the arts in 2013


Hey! Did you guys know that teens like art? Of course you did, and so did we! That's why there's a thing called TeenTix, tra la la.

But did you know HOW MUCH teens like art? Guess what? It's SO MUCH. For example, in 2013, teens liked art 10,689 times (And that's only counting the times you liked art with TeenTix. We know that you sometimes go see art without us AND WE'RE TOTALLY FINE WITH IT.)

More fun numbers!

Since 2004, TeenTix members have purchased amost 45,000 five-dollar tickets to the arts, which means you have contributed almost $225,000 to the local economy.

Since 2004, you've also spent another $727,650 on things like transporation, parking, snacks, and meals during your art outings. Yow!

Lastly, you and your parents have spent about $675,000 on student and adult tickets above and beyond your TeenTix ticket purchases.

That all means that over the last 10 years, TeenTix members have contributed...are you ready?...$1,627,650 to the local economy. LIKE A BOSS.

Click here to read the full press release about this milestone, and thanks for being a part of this amazing, diverse, growing community of young arts patrons. Seriously. Thank you.



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