2019: The Summer of Interns!

What do teen interns really do at TeenTix?


We asked our summer interns to give you the scoop on what they've been up to for the past couple of months. Read on to find out what real teens are doing to make our organization run!

Neha Gupta

Hi! I'm Neha, one of TeenTix’s outreach interns this summer. Over the past 5 weeks, Justin and I have been working on various projects to help expand the reach of the TeenTix Pass Program, specifically to areas outside of central Seattle.

We began our endeavor with a small local project on the Seattle Center itself by making posters that list the amazing Arts Partners on campus. Around this time of year, tons of people visit the Center (including a lot of teens) and we wanted them to know about everything they could do here with their TeenTix Passes, like go to MoPOP, PacSci, and more. Next, we began thinking about the school year (which honestly is not what a 17-year-old wants to be thinking about in July) but nonetheless I came up with an idea for a Youth Ambassadors Program which will run as part of the New Guard in the upcoming year, as a way for arts-loving teens around the PNW to help spread the TeenTix message.

Justin Kim and TeenTix Staff

Finally, (and most recently) we have been developing a presentation to give to local high-schoolers to introduce them to the wonders of TeenTix, and have given this presentation in various areas including Tacoma, Bothell, and Kirkland! We have had an amazing, enriching and exciting summer so far here at TeenTix and are excited to wrap everything up this week!

Hey! Kendall here, and I've been interning this summer managing the TeenTix calendar, making sure every event from every Partner is in its proper place. Not only have I been working from the TeenTix office, but I've also been able to work remotely from exotic locales such as the Microsoft campus, Miami, Florida, Des Moines, Washington, and Rochester, Minnesota. I'm sad that the summer is coming to an end, but I know my senior year will bring a new round of exciting art my way!

Kendall Kieras (left) and Daisy Schreiber (right)

I'm Daisy, and this summer, I'm the Events Intern (this position used to be the Teeny Awards Intern but splitting up the Awards Show and the Gala Dinner created "events" plural!) which, in a very fancy phrase, means I'm helping to plan and coordinate TeenTix's fantastic fall events! In actual reality I send a lot of emails (asking for donations, telling orgs they've been nominated for awards, etc.), work with spreadsheets, sit in on some very cool meetings, and distract other people in the office when they're trying to work! There's also been some more eclectic stuff - we all spent a couple of weeks running A MILLION updates on 75 TeenTix cell phones for the Teens Count upgrade, and little crafty projects like chalkboard-painting, anything I'm allowed to do really! Overall, TT HQ is AMAZING and I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!

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