A Memorable May

Teen Editorial Staff May 2021 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Lily Williamson and Mila Borowski

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The month of May has already provided both rainpours and blue skies, and in spirit with a month that really drives home the diversity of Seattle weather, we have a diverse array of art events to check out while hunkering down from seasonal showers. From a story about strong and dystopian heroines to an event highlighting the future of the music industry, the Newsroom will be reviewing events this month for every art enthusiast.

Curl up and listen to The Effluent Engine if you are in the mood to dive into a steampunk short story, read dramatically by Book-It Repertory Theater’s cast. Or, rather than hear about a fictional heroine, you can learn about Ellen Ripley’s feminist journey as evaluated through her roles in film at What The Femme: The Evolution of Ellen Ripley, a virtual class provided by SIFF.

And after reflecting on the past, perhaps you’d like to connect with the present through a musical experience titled Tour Around Town: Music Scene Fundraiser. Northwest Film Forum presents an opportunity to support musicians who have struggled due to the pandemic by giving a variety of iconic music venues a platform online. Then, get ready to explore the future at Sound Off!, MoPOP's music showcase that presents the future of the music scene in the Northwest by featuring up-and-coming artists 21 and under. And learn more about how you can shape our future through the power of self-government by visiting Stand Up Seattle: The Democracy Project at the Museum of History and Industry, which has recently reopened.

Regardless of what art you choose to enjoy this month, we hope that you’ll take the time to read our writers’ takes on the blog. As the days start to get sunnier, make sure to still take some time for art!

Lead photo credit: Photo by Andrew S. for Unsplash.

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