A Spammer Got TeenTix!

HELLO FRIENDS! During the eve of May 20th a spammer attacked the TeenTix website! Nothing seems permantely broken - no info has been stolen - and we are working RIGHT NOW to fix it. BUT we did see that 2,000 SPAM emails were sent out using the info@teentix.org address. That was not us- we are so sorry - and we hope to resolve everything soon!

Please note - while we are workign to fix this we have had to TEMPORARILY stop all automatic emails, including the Password Reset and Lost Pass Requests are temporarily out of order.

If you need to get in touch securely and safely, please email an individual directly at one of the addresses below and we will help you!! The TeenTix offices are open M-F 10am - 6pm PST.

Monique Courcy, Executive Director

Ashraf Hasham, Director of Partnerships and Programs

Caroline Rensel, Director of Development

Leah Fishbaugh, Communciations Associate

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