Dale and Christine Bateman are GiveBIG SUPERSTARS and OMG are they passionate about TeenTix!

Christine introduced Dale to TeenTix after she got to know the TeenTix Press Corps, who were out and about practicing their skills and viewing art at the Balagan Theater where she was Marketing Director. The Press Corps and The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society are a big deal to Christine and Dale. They strongly believe in youth leadership programs that value giving teens a chance to learn, succeed, and sometimes fail in a safe environment.

As Christine says, “TeenTix is not just about cheap tickets. It’s about empowering teens to forge authentic connections with the arts and culture in our community -- and then use those connections to change our world.”

You may have met this power couple at the Teeny Awards, they’ve been every single year! Or you may have run across Christine at TeenTix partners like the Intiman Theatre Festival or Cornish College of the Arts where she is the new VP of Marketing. Dale is the Assistant Director of the Pacific Maritime Institute. Christine and Dale are also parents, which is not an unusual thing for TeenTix SUPERSTARS to be.

What is unusual?

Their kids aren’t teens yet! Their oldest son is 12 though. Sooo close!!!

“We are supporting TeenTix now, as the organization that will support our son when he is a teen. And more than that, TeenTix will support his friends who wouldn’t be able to participate otherwise. We are opening the door to all teens in our community and investing in a better world.”

Christine and Dale have been there for TeenTix for the last four years because they know that art has the power to change the world. “TeenTix is empowering teens to go out, get inspired, and make things better.”

We couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Christine and Dale, for supporting us, in all the ways, but specifically through GiveBig for all four years that TeenTix has participated! We’re so glad to call passionate people like you TeenTix supporters.

Speaking of GiveBig, it’s almost here! Click here to learn more about TeenTix’s exciting plans for GiveBIG, or make your gift today!

Photo Credit: John Ulman, Teeny Awards 2014

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