A Superb Visual Spectacle

Review of Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol @ Seattle Public Theatre by Monet C.

In a damnation of his own making, Jacob Marley finds, much to his chagrin, that the only way to a better non-existence--since he is “not just merely dead, but sincerely, utterly, and totally dead”--is to redeem the one person worse than himself, namely, Scrooge, with a bogle at his shoulder. (To find out what a bogle is, see the show!) At first, he believes that it is impossible, that the old man could never have a complete and willing change of heart; however, as time moves forward, back, and freezes, he finds that the old miser might just have a chink in his shell after all. Conveyed through wonderfully expressive acting, beautiful wording, and impressive lighting, the journey through space, time, and memories is a superb visual spectacle.

Featuring Jim Lapan(Of Mice and Men), Patrick Lennon, Pam Nolte (A Wedding Story), and Evan Whitfield (My Wonderful Day, The Violet Hour), I found myself entranced by the 3rd person narratives and the effortless slips into first-person acting. Although there were a few scary moments, they were perfectly placed, and not over the top. If there was anything I would change about this glorious show, it would be to have it in a bigger venue, so more people could enjoy it at once!

Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol
Through December 24
Seattle Public Theatre

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