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Review of The French Kissers playing at Seattle International Film Festival by Yvette J.

The film, The French Kissers, is 100% French; from its French-speaking characters to its location, but the storyline and underlying themes are 100% pure American. The film follows two boys named Herve and Camel who are on an unavoidable quest to quench their sex thirst. They pine over girls who are out-of-their-league and daydream about being with women they see in magazines. At first, Herve and Camel are after the same girl but when they learn that she has a boyfriend, they realize that maybe there isn’t just one girl for them out in the world. So their quest to find a romantic companion begins and along the way, they become closer as friends and discover more about themselves that would have been impossible to find out otherwise.

Herve is like a younger, more lovable version of Michael Cera in Juno. He is really awkward with girls, even more so with the ones who happen to be in love with him. He is self-conscious and scrawny looking, but completely adorable. Throughout the movie he tries to figure out what kind of lover he is and he comes up with the strangest ways to find out exactly what type. Vincent Lacoste seems to be the naturally funny actor who found the perfect role in this film. He is so lovable and awkward that you cannot help but find him charming as you watch the film.

Camel is also a funny character. He plays the adorable sidekick who always has Herve’s best interest at heart. He is a good friend to Herve and tries to help him in every way to score a girlfriend, while also trying his best to make that happen for him too.

It seems that Camel and Herve are much more interested in the physical aspects of love, but find themselves falling in love with certain characters as the movie progresses. They try to be the stereotypical, unattached boys perceived in today’s society, but they are all sensitive and loving at heart. They’re a goofy pair and they work together well on-screen. If you’re into romantic comedies, this may be for you. This is not your typical romantic comedy, but it has all of the heartache, high school type drama and happy ending that we are all familiar with and love. Maybe you’ll end up falling for the main characters too! The French Kissers is a sweet movie and will shine at the Seattle International Film Festival.

- Yvette J.
May 10, 2010

The French Kissers (Les beaux gosses)
Seattle International Film Festival
May 22nd @ 9:45 pm at the Egyptian
May 24th @ 7:00 pm at the Admiral
May 26th @ 4:15 pm at the Neptune
In French with English subtitles

Note: contains sexual themes
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