An Artful End of the Year

Teen Editorial Staff December 2021 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Disha Cattamanchi and Lucia McLaren

Dec editorial

It’s that time of year when you look back and wonder where all the months have gone. Just yesterday it seemed like everyone was cheering at 2020’s end, and here we are now, just a month away from 2022. There are many things to be thankful for this year, but there are also many ways to celebrate this new beginning. TeenTix hopes to offer a sampling of all types of nostalgia and anticipation this holiday season, so come and join us in seeing some truly magical art.

Has COVID and all-virtual gatherings been making you miss that spark of connection with others? Then you should come see The Future is 0, a live show at On the Boards that promises to keep the audience on their toes with satirical commentary and a unique twist on a game show format. It seems like improv is everywhere this month—we’ll also be covering Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas at Jet City Improv, a show where your favorite family memories will be retold, live, with a comedian’s twist.

The holiday season is the perfect time to spend with family and friends—the most amazing way being the shared enjoyment of performance and visual art. ArtsWest’s We’ve Battled Monsters Before perfectly embraces familial themes, portraying a demon-fighting family based on the 16th century Filipino epic poem, Ibong Adarna. Grammy-nominated artists PUBLIQuartet are also performing at Town Hall in a jubilant display of jazz and dance infusion. Secret codes and hidden meanings are part of the Henry Art Gallery’s exhibit, Queer Visibility, where artists Dean Sameshima and Anthony White intimately portray gay and queer history.

After another strange year of isolation, 2022 offers some hope of what is to come. Grab your TeenTix Pass, and a friend or two, and set off into the brightly colored city lights to go see some breathtaking art for the last time this year. Let us rejoice at the vivid memories we have made with family and friends, as we commemorate the ending of another tumultuous year with some wondrous art. We are so excited to end this year off with a bang, and to start the new one with an explosion.

Lead photo credit: Photo by Annie Spratt for Unsplash

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