Announcing the 2021/2022 Teen Editorial Staff!

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TeenTix is proud to announce the 2021/2022 Teen Editorial Staff. This year's Teen Editorial Staff (TEDS) is comprised of six teens: Disha Cattamanchi, Eleanor Cenname, Esha Potharaju, Lucia McLaren, Triona Suiter, and Valentine Wulf. The TEDS are the leaders of the TeenTix Newsroom, and work to curate reviews and arts coverage for the TeenTix blog. Teen Editorial Staff members decide which TeenTix Arts Partners' events to cover each month, write an editorial about their curatorial choices, and assign Newsroom writers to review each event. TEDS members interface with TeenTix Arts Partners to set up press tickets for each review, and edit all Newsroom writing before it is published on the TeenTix blog. The Teen Editorial Staff is a group of skilled writers, editors, and leaders, who keep the pulse of the TeenTix Press Corps and the Seattle arts scene.

Statement from this year's Teen Editorial Staff:

"The TeenTix Newsroom exists to uplift marginalized voices and to cultivate critical thinking and arts appreciation among youth in the Seattle area. Here at TeenTix, we strive to make the arts accessible while giving a platform to youth voices, especially those underrepresented in media. As journalists, it is our responsibility to make light of truth through the shared and real experiences of the public. Arts criticism serves not just as an opportunity to diversify the media we consume, but to think critically about it."

About the Teen Editors

Disha Cattamanchi

Disha (she/her) is currently a junior at Juanita High School. She was a writer on the TeenTix Newsroom last year, with articles published both on the blog and in The Seattle Times. She is an active member in her school’s theater program, well versed in the ways of the lighting board and writing various plays. Disha believes that creating an equitable space is vital to the arts and tries to initiate inclusivity with all her work. When she isn’t watching movies, you’ll find her walking her dog or eating with her friends.

Eleanor Cenname

Eleanor (she/her) is a senior at The Downtown School where she leads an ACLU chapter and her school’s Art Club. Outside of school, Eleanor competes in triathlons, climbs, reads voraciously, and listens to podcasts. Eleanor believes that purposeful art cultivates empathy. She sees young people and artists as agents of social change and hopes to make the Newsroom a space where those voices are amplified.

Esha Potharaju

Esha (she/her) is an avid arts lover and student advocate based in Fremont, CA. She is passionate about enriching her community through storytelling and is currently working to diversify the curriculum in her district. In her free time, you can find Esha writing articles, drawing, and overanalyzing comics and cartoons with her best friend.

Lucia McLaren

Lucia (she/her) is a twelfth grader at University Prep. This is her second year on the TEDS staff, where she is grateful to get the opportunity to work with amazing teen writers and promote local arts venues. TeenTix has been crucial in the development of her writing and critical thinking about art. Outside of school, she takes ballet and modern dance classes, and enjoys reading, drawing, and coding when she has the time.

Triona Suiter

Triona (she/her) is a junior at Ingraham HS where she is an enthusiastic participant in both drama and choir. This is her second year as a Teen Editor, and her fourth year as a member of the TeenTix Press Corps. The best thing she’s ever done with her TeenTix pass is a tie between using it to see Apocalypse: The Musical! At Jet City Improv back in 2018 and using it to break into her own house that one time when she somehow lost her keys but not her keychain.

Valentine Wulf

Valentine (she/her) has eight years of theatre experience. Her favorite book is The Metamorphosis, and she is a fan of dogs that fit in purses and anything pink.

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