Andrea P + Intiman Theatre

I love how small and wonderful the world is! A couple of weekends ago, I really wanted to go see A Doctor In Spite of Himself at the Intiman Theatre with some friends who had already bought tickets. So, a couple of hours before the performance I called the box office to ask if there were any teen tix available. The super nice box office lady informed me that there were only two tickets left for the whole show that night, and that one of them was in the first row. So, I got a front row ticket for 5 bucks, saw an AMAZING performance and ran into an old friend that I didn't even know was coming to the show, whom I hadn't seen in a year!! I love the way the arts bring people together in unexpected ways!!!! Thanks Teen Tix for making my weekend AWESOME!!!

- Andrea P
Age 18
October 11, 2010

What is this? It's the Teen Tix (he)ARTSCrush Adventure Quest, a month-long contest where you can win prizes for going to see art. All you have to do is go to an arts venues you've never been to before, write us a note about it, and you might win a fabulous prize pack including tons of tickets and memberships to local arts venues. It's the Teen Tix (he)ARTSCrush Adventure Quest! To enter, go to this form, write a note (150 words or less) about your experience at a new-to-you arts venue, and hit "Submit." Boom. You're entered to win. Do it over and over and over again and you might get crowned Seattle's Bravest Young Arts-Goer TM. More details here. Good luck!
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