Anna’s Glimmer Journal

Post #2: Questions and Answers

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Here are some of the questions that dancer Kelly Sullivan asked Anna in order to create her solo dance, and Anna's answers:

KELLY. Describe a reoccurring dream or image.
ANNA. This is a good question, I just have no idea how to answer. My dreams are all fantasy epics and never repeat themselves, except maybe they do, over and over and over again until I finally remember them when I wake up and write them down for once.

KELLY. Pretend you are a magnet. Describe what (or who) you pull toward and what (or who) you push away.
ANNA. I attract towards me all the diet coke, sugar, books, and intelligent people in the room, repulse all seafood and arrogantly stupid people. I wish I really was a magnet.

KELLY. Fast or Slow?
ANNA. BOTH. life might be like a rollercoaster, but it’s definitely one that stops and starts, slowing down to sixty beats per minute (like my metronome when I’m bored to tears on bach) or speeding up to 220 beats per minute (like Jascha Heifetz when he’s trying to prove he’s the best ever by simply playing things at inhuman speeds. Which didn’t work, Jascha, you just proved you’re an alien).

KELLY. Introverted or Extroverted?
ANNA. Extroverted. Life’s not for the faint of heart. Though kind of introverted when you first meet me. Shy around new people? Generally when I let all my quirks show at first meeting people get scared because they think I’m always like this.

KELLY. Sweet or Savory?
ANNA. Sweet. I definitely wish I could be a pastry chef—I’m always trying to feed people my latest, greatest creation. All of today I was handing out halfandhalf cookies, deliciously orangey cakey cookie dipped in chocolate frosting on one side and vanilla yogurt frosting on the other. I am determined to make everyone around me round as a ball from all the pure butter I feed them.

KELLY. Honesty or Artifice?
ANNA. Honesty. I have to be forthright and up front about myself or I feel cheap and stupid.

KELLY. Left or Right?
ANNA. Even though I’m righthanded, I’d chose left, because I’m leftfooted and I part my hair to the left and my violin rests on my left shoulder.

KELLY. Driver or Passenger?
ANNA. Passenger—I’d rather talk and mess with the music then have to focus on driving. Though I can be a back-seat driver.

KELLY. Real or Disguised?
ANNA. Real. I kind of already answered that with the honesty/artifice question. Although I do love masquerade balls and dressing up for things.

KELLY. What are two colors that go together well?
ANNA. Teal and purple. If you have the right shades, they flow beautifully together.

This is Anna. Her dance is happening tomorrow morning, Friday, March 19th at 7:05 AM on the dock behind Spectrum Dance Theater. Directions here

A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light is an innovative, interactive new work from Seattle Magazine's 2007 Dance Artist of the Year, KT Niehoff and her company, Lingo Dance. 30 people, including two members of the Teen Tix reviewer corps, Anna B and Mykaila O, have been chosen to receive a custom made solo from one of the Glimmer cast. They have all filled out a questionnaire designed to find out who they are: driver or passenger? sweet or savory? what items are currently in your pocket? what is the last thing you lost? what is a Seattle location you love? Glimmer cast members are using the answers to tailor-make a performance for each person to watch. The dances are personal but performed in public locations throughout the city, available for any and all to see. See Anna's performance at 7:05 in the morning TOMORROW Friday March 19th on the dock behind Spectrum Dance Theater. directions here| Read other recipients' journals on the Glimmer Blog.

Find out more about Lingo Dance Theater at
The culminating performances of A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light run April 22nd - May 15th at
ACT Theatre.
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