Ashraf’s Story

As a student at Ballard High School, Ashraf Hasham was an early member of the TeenTix Steering Committee and avid TeenTix user. Here's his story about why TeenTix matters to him, and why he'll be donating to TeenTix during GiveBIG on May 15th.

I fell in love, at the tender age of 14, with TeenTix.

It was exciting, and new, and unpredictable, and visceral, and thrilling. It fed my curiosity and desire to embrace the unknown, step out of proverbial ‘boxes’ and ‘zones’, at a vital time my life (and ALL LIVES, for that matter); it stimulated my enthusiasm to explore and embrace experiences that I otherwise would not have been exposed to.

TeenTix unveiled to me and my friends a side of my city (and LIFE, for that matter) that I had simply known nothing about. Suddenly that which had been velvet-roped off became accessible and affordable; that which I had groundlessly ignored became fascinating and inspiring.

Because of TeenTix, I went on to study Arts Administration in New York City with full confidence in my projected career path. Today, I am (probably) the youngest arts administrator around these parts and, ultimately, I am who I am because of TeenTix.

If TeenTix has had an impact on your life, please donate on May 15th to help us keep doing what we do. More info at

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