Ballet, Meet Dubstep

Review of Cornish Dance Theater Spring 2012 Concert by Ivy R.

In the heart of Capitol Hill on a Friday night the streets are alive with people, but in a small, quaint theatre, dancers are prepping for their opening night of their spring showcase. The theater is packed with a chatting audience, eager for the lights to go down and the curtains to open. The atmosphere has a warm feel, families and friends of the dancers are gathered to watch as the first piece is performed and the room is filled with applause. As the audience cheers loudly and enthusiastically, the dancers on stage take their final bow and exit, making their way to join friends and family in the audience, makeup and hair still intact.

From piece to piece you are transported to a new feel, new message, and new view. It feels as if you have experienced five different showcases in one Friday night. Divided, the second piece of the night, is performed with zesty choreography and vibrant costumes that compliment the dancers' movements. Part of the piece is performed in many partnerings that are said by some audience members to remind them of popular song “Somebody I Used to Know,” as dancers express the troubles between one another. As the music changes, the movements become sharp and unpredictable, leaving those watching eager to see what will be next.

As each piece passes, dancers continue to keep the audience captivated, but one piece asks “Does it matter?” The piece, Unfold, is by far the most memorable out this unique showcase. It starts with dancers placed in center stage asking you the question “Does it matter?” The dance could be described as “Ballet meets Dubstep.” The music changes from soft to a techno mixture as the movements transform from ballerina-esque to sharp and futuristic. Dancers are in a constant battle and argument with one another. Intense partnering is displayed on stage whether it “does or does not matter.” When the curtains return to the center of the stage and lights are brought on for a brief moment, the audience is in discussion about what it is that matters.

Art is something that has many views and draws many people to different conclusions and questions with no right nor wrong answer or interpretation. Dance is one of these magnificent art forms. Experiencing the Cornish Dance Theater Springs 2012 Concert is not something one wants to miss. It brings diversity, and storytelling, as well as question-raising to each and every individual who has the privilege to see this production of many works. Be prepared to be in awe of the perfect blend of lights, costumes, and choreography of this modern performance.

The Cornish Dance Theater Spring 2012 Concert is closed
Saturday, June 9 at 3:00 PM
Saturday, June 9 at 7:30 PM
Sunday, June 10 at 3:00 PM
The Erickson Theatre, 1524 Harvard Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
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