Behind the Scenes of the New Guard Partner Meeting

​A look inside one of our favorite annual events!


Each year, The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society invites representatives from our Arts Partners to come scope out what its constituents are most interested in, what makes them attend events, and how to get more teens through their doors. This year's meeting took place on January 23, 2019.

In a large, round-table discussion that started off the meeting, we discussed topics like social media use, trigger warnings, promotional ideas, and more - and everyone came away knowing more about our arts community! Then, we broke off into small groups so each Arts Partner could get a more personal look into the minds of youth in the Pacific Northwest. Lots of our Partners took this time to ask about specific programming they have coming up to get a better idea of how to invite teens into their space and create art that young people want to see.

Thanks to Cornish for hosting us at the Playhouse, and to all the Partners who attended to get more insight. Most importantly, we thank our teen leadership group for sharing their thoughts! Fostering direct connections between youth and the orgs that create art is crucial to ensuring that teens actually have a say in the art they get to see with their TeenTix Passes. This is EXACTLY why we do this work!

Learn more about The New Guard here.

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