Cast Party!

Intrepid teen reviewer Monet C. gets herself invited to the Arcadia cast party.

Although slightly bawdy at times, Arcadia is a wonderful piece of art. Amusing and fascinating, this performance is an enchanting fusion of the world in 1809 – 1812 and also the world in 1989.

The means that Tom Stoppard, the playwright, pieced the play together is sheer genius!
In Arcadia, there is a mystery to be solved! A young girl, figuring out the numbers for nature,
a tutor, teaching her how to waltz, a peeping gardener. They all play a part in Arcadia!

Oldentimes. Photo by Michael Bury

I was privileged to hang out with some of the cast after the show, and here is a bit about them!

Me: Jeremy, where were you born?
Jeremy: Oregon, actually. It is a rather interesting place.
M: What is your advice for any actors?
J: Do not get nervous at the auditions! That said, I do confess, I am always extremely nervous at any audition!
M: thank you!
J: You’re welcome!

Me: What character did you play, Jager?
Jager: Tomasina! She is a wonderful role, because I get to act as a 13 year old, and that is quite a great experience.
Me: what is your day-job?
J: Actually, I am a bartender!
M: That’s kinda cool! Thank you for your time!
J: thank you for the interview!

Slightly-less-oldentimes. Photo by Michael Bury

Me: How long have you been acting, Josh?
J: I do not know, since I was 9, so, three years? Yeah.
M: Cool! What was your favorite part of
J: Most likely when I get to call Tomasina ugly in a nice way!
M: Why did you like playing Gus?
J: The pantomime! Definitely.
M: what are you hobbies other than acting?
J: Basketball and bass guitar.
M: Thank you for your time.
J: No prob! Peace!

Arcadia can be a bit raunchy, so I would place it in the 15 and up category, although it was fun! This is a play for those who are unafraid to laugh their heads off. This is a wonderful, refreshing show with many endearing qualities. Also, this is a perfectly British show with perfect casting for all the roles.

Driftwood Players
Through February 21st
Recommended for people ages 15 and up

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