Cornish students with work/study awards: We’re hiring!

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Are you a Cornish student with a work/study award? Want to help keep art accessible for young people? Come and work with us!

Our wonderful Member Services Coordinator, Nazlah, is headed off on an academic adventure in Scotland, so we have an immediate opening. Only current Cornish College of Arts students with work/study awards may apply.

Position: Member Services Coordinator
8 – 10 hours/week

NOTE: This position is open ONLY to Cornish College of the Arts students with work/study awards

General Description:

This position provides administrative support to TeenTix, an arts access and engagement program for 13- to 19-year-olds. You will be responsible for getting TeenTix passes into the hands of 200 – 300 new members each week, and providing excellent customer service to our 10,000+ active members. This job is a crucial component of the healthy functioning of our organization.

We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about the arts and interested in promoting youth arts participation. The ideal candidate is someone who wants to contribute to making our program better, whether it’s by stuffing envelopes (and you’ll be stuffing a lot of envelopes), updating our calendar, contributing to our blog, talking to students about the program, or participating in long-term planning discussions. Your level of interest and engagement will determine your level of involvement.

For more information about this job and how to apply, go here.

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