Welcome, Ashraf Hasham, TeenTix Deputy Director!

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Today, I am super thrilled to share that TeenTix has hired Ashraf Hasham to fill the newly created position of Deputy Director. Ashraf's association with TeenTix began when he joined The New Guard (then called the TeenTix Steering Committee) as a 16-year-old junior at Ballard High School. After graduating from Ballard, Ashraf earned his degree in Arts Administration from Wagner College in New York, and then returned to Seattle, where he has held positions at TeenTix partner organizations Henry Art Gallery and On the Boards.

I knew Ashraf was special right off the bat--anyone who has met him knows what I'm talking about. He's got an incredible spirit, and he's super smart, dedicated, and driven. It's really exciting to have someone on staff who came up through our programs. Who could be in a better position to make sure that we are doing a great job serving young people? Put that together with the expertise that Ashraf has gained through earning his degree in working in arts nonprofits, and you have someone who is going to do really good things for this organization. I could not be happier.

Please join me in welcoming Ashraf!

Happy Holidays,


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