Part 4 of 6: Princesses
by Anna B

BASIL If Basil would steal a trait from anyone, he would borrow Rob’s “uncanny ability” to play nearly any instrument. Seriously, Rob can play any instrument you throw at him, and he’s pretty much indispensable.

Photo by Amelia Gydé

JOHN John would steal the other John’s songwriting skill, to just let the music flow—that true artistry. But he’s pretty envious of Rob’s musical career (Rob makes his living as a musician, the rest of "Awesome" doesn’t), and of course, Rob’s ability to play 20 different instruments. John’s favorite Disney princess is Arielle.

Photo by hot avocados photography

DAVID David’s favorite Disney princess is Belle, because she’s independent and educated, but also her yearning to be free of her small town. He can also sing the beginning song of Beauty and the Beast quite well.

Photo by Amelia Gydé

ROB Rob once played accordion on Tom Sawyer Island in the middle of Disneyland Tokyo. He wishes he was a tenor instead of a bass, but otherwise thinks he’s perfect.

Photo by hot avocados photography

EVAN Evan wishes he could steal Rob’s ability to play a million different instruments and sound design and everything. His favorite Disney princess is Pocahontas, because of West.

Photo by Victoria Lahti

KIRK If Kirk would steal anything, he would steal David’s brain (yes, we discussed the zombie aspect), because David is a crazy smart professor, and he’s always a bottomless well of creativity. Kirk’s favorite Disney princess is Snow White.

Photo by Antoinette Hippe

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