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Bummer Summer @ NW Film Forum

Summer's on its way - you can almost taste it, can't you? Yeah, it's coming, but it's not here yet. Luckily, the Northwest Film Forum has sent you a little lifeboat to tide you over in the form of Bummer Summer, a teen romance made by Olympia's Zach Weintraub. Weintraub also stars as the older of two brothers who are in love with same woman. From the Film Forum:

"Winner of the 2010 Local Sightings Film Festival, Zach Weintraub's first feature is a mesmerizing debut. When you’re seventeen, even little things can seem like a major change. So it goes with Isaac, a teenager who, as his senior year in high school comes to an end, stares uneasily into the future. His confusion is compounded by the arrival of his older brother Ben, who comes home for the summer to take up with his ex-girlfriend Lila and set out on one last road trip before entering the world of responsibilities. The harmony the three youngsters seek over the weekend getaway quickly gives way to unexpected complications, as Isaac and Ben realize their shared feelings for Lila. Employing inventive storytelling, sensitive performances and deadpan humor, director Weintraub shows he's a talent to watch with this wry and touching portrait of youthful romance and potential."

Watch the trailer:

Bummer Summer closes on Thursday, so you only have a couple more days to catch it. Remaining show times are:
Tuesday, Apr 26 at 07:00PM
Tuesday, Apr 26 at 09:00PM
Wednesday, Apr 27 at 07:00PM
Wednesday, Apr 27 at 09:00PM
Thursday, Apr 28 at 07:00PM
Thursday, Apr 28 at 09:00PM
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