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Last chance to catch the Mapplethorpe Polaroids @ Henry Art Gallery

"Is the work shocking? Yes – it’s shockingly small and shockingly beautiful." - Victoria Josslin ArtDish

"For those unfamiliar with Mapplethorpe, it's an entry to the work of an important contemporary artist, one who early on became preoccupied with the magic of Polaroid's instant photography, anticipating the interest today in instantaneous digital depictions." - Nancy Worssam Seattle Times
"If you want a Robert Mapplethorpe to love, you need the early Polaroids." - Jen Graves The Stranger

Polaroids: Mapplethorpe
Henry Art Gallery
Hours this weekend: Sat & Sun 11 - 4
Also closing this weekend: Eirik Johnson: Sawdust Mountain, and Allan Sekula: Waiting for Teargas

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