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Beauty and Bounty @ Seattle Art Museum

Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast, Albert Bierstadt, 1870

We know what you're thinking. "Yeah, yeah, landscapes are cool, but I can see them anywhere." Think again! Many of the works featured in Beauty and Bounty at SAM have never before been seen in any other exhibit. Our reviewer Bethany B. wrote a great review that you can read here, saying "Even if art museums aren’t your normal hangout, these works are such breathtaking portrayals of nature that you can almost hear the birds chirping and the water laughing... If you lean close to the paintings, you’ll find millions of intricate details on the rocks, trees and people. This art may not challenge your mind to think as deeply as contemporary pieces do, but the paintings will take your breath away nevertheless." So feast your eyes on these rare and dazzling works created by some of the most influential and talented American landscaping artists.

Beauty and Bounty
Through September 11
Seattle Art Museum
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