December, a Time For Expression

Teen Editorial Staff December 2020 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Lucia McLaren and Mila Borowski

Elena mozhvilo C Tukx4jf Wac unsplash

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s the best time of the year to curl up with a hot drink and watch some socially-distanced entertainment! This December, we hope this wide variety of arts programs will have a treat for just about anyone.

To explore the realms of dance, Written in Water by the Ragamala Dance Company and presented by Meany Center for the Performing Arts, takes a refreshing, multimedia take on one’s journey to connect themself with their emotions and spirituality. If you’ve been craving a more comedic escape, take a look at Jet City Improv’s Twisted Flicks. Their improv-dialogue over classic movies of the past is sure to give you the laughter you need. When it comes to missing the experience of your favorite local restaurant, SIFF presents Bread, Love, and Cinema, a class on Italian food and how it’s interconnected with Italian film history.

Book-It Repertory Theatre is here to provide you with the humorous ghost story The Canterville Ghost. This tale will fill you with warmth through its cozy setting, and draw you in with its mystery. If you want to celebrate the holiday season rather than take part in a seasonal satire, then check out Pacific MusicWorks’ musical event ¡Navidad! In this event, music is used to explore the joys of Christmas from all over South America. And, after hearing about so many wonderful arts partners at the Teeny Awards, you can further explore an award recipient, 14/48:HS, and find out what makes them deserving of TeenTix’s Best Youth Engagement Program Award!

You can take part in art this season in virtually any medium, or feel free to explore them all!

Lead photo credit: Elena Mozhvilo for Unsplash

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