do you tweet?

Matthew Robson says you think twitter is stupid

So, Morgan Stanley issued a report today by a 15 year-old intern named Matthew Robson that is gettingsomuchplay. Matthew claims that teens don't use twitter because it uses up texting credit and seems pointless because no one is following their tweets. He also says that teens find popup advertising "annoying and pointless". Um...who doesn't? Matthew's take is interesting, and the ensuing discussion even more so, but I'm left wondering three things:

1. Since when does one person's subjective opinion count as a study?

2. Am I the only one who feels like the tone of some of these articles (especially the Bloomberg one) feels like an episode of Animal Planet? ("Here we see the elusive Teenasaurus emitting a flurry of high-pitched mating texts")

3. Do you tweet? Why or Why not? Vote in the poll!
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