we go way back

Since everyone is clamoring this week to point out how much they loved local indie-movie goddess Alycia Delmore (see the spine of this week's Stranger) WAY back when (now that she has catapulted to instant stardom with the success of Seattle filmmaker Lynn Shelton's Sundance hit Humpday) we thought we would draw your attention to this interview that we did with her in October, 2007. Not to toot our own horns or anything, but that was, like, TWO years ago.

Anyway, Humpday opens this weekend at the Harvard Exit, and, if they manage to pack the houses this weekend, it could mean a wider distribution deal (so that people in, say, Arkansas, could get to know and love our little Alycia). So, if you are 18 or 19 (sorry youngsters - Humpday is rated R) go check it out. This is not a Teen Tix thing, it's just a support-your-local-film-community thing. GO ALYCIA!
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