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Review of Cinderella at Pacific Northwest Ballet by Bethany B.

Photo by Lindsay Thomas

I don’t know what it is about Cinderella. The story is told time after time, but whether it’s with a twist or a teenage star it never seems to get old. Pacific Northwest Ballets Cinderella is already set on a solid plot, and since it is PNB (and their 40th anniversary, hurray!) it was always going to be good. But, in truth, the ballet is nothing short of magical.

From the instant the curtain rises, the music, the sets, the costumes and everything else glistens. On opening night, Carla Korbes played Cinderella (you have the chance to see her again on closing night) and was the picture of perfection, whether dancing with her prince, broom, or fairy godmother.

Photo by Lindsay Thomas

Her evil step-relations provide the blunders and the comedy, and are flawless at being ditzy. Of all the characters, my favorite is the talented Jester--a constant companion to the prince. His leaps, turns, and high spirits add the perfect touch to the romantic ball, where the Prince and Cinderella dance the night away.

I think one of the wonderful things about this ballet is how easy it is to follow; there’s no complex ballet language you need to know, character list or synopsis to study. It’s just a fairy tale, told in a spectacular way. The ballet’s breathtaking beauty with Prokofiev’s stunning music launches the perfect start to PNB’s 40th season of being extraordinary.

Pacific Northwest Ballet
Through September 30

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