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What if the hassle of transportation was made easy?

​We totally get it - transportation can be hard to navigate, especially at night. So much so that it can even prevent teens from getting to see the cool stuff our city has to offer. We also know that transportation to and from the art you want to see has to be parent AND teen approved.

SO, check this out: Uber has just launched a new Teen Account program where teens can have their own account that connects to an adult's.

Imagine that you are a TeenTixer who wants to attend the Seattle Art Museum, or the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and the only time you can go is after your after-school-sports. What are your options? Adults aren't available to drive you, you don't have a car, and the friends you want to go with don't drive. So, bus it is.

But the adults in your life aren't super excited about the long walk you have from home to your nearest bus stop - particularly after sunset. AVOID THE STRUGGLE: take an Uber using the Teen Account to the bus - or straight to your destination - and take in some art with your TeenTix Pass. WHAT? Yes.

Here's the best part! Through the end of April, any TeenTixer can use the code TEENTIX2017 to take six (6) rides that are 1/2 off the normal rate - up to $20. That means 3 ARTS EVENTS that you can get round-trip transportation to at a sweet discount.

Other benefits? Highly rated drivers, adults at home know where you are (read: you won't have to text them every few minutes with a security update), and you get dropped off right at your destination.

We think that's pretty cool - and a great example of one way that a community of adults can come together to begin helping teens see more art in Seattle.

Get more deets here on the Uber site!

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