What to See: March 2017

Recommendations from The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society!

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Happy March, TeenTix members!

I’m Katherine, a member of The New Guard, TeenTix’s youth leadership board. We’re excited to bring you our recommendations for upcoming shows and TeenTix-eligible events! (Hopefully, this will become a monthly tradition.)

Last month, New Guard members went to a LOT of events. Some of our favorites were Cendrillion at Pacific Northwest Ballet, Sound Off! at MoPOP, and Well at Seattle Rep. Personally, I saw The Liar at Seattle Public Theater and totally loved it! It was a modern adaption of a play from the 1600s but it was still in verse (like Shakespeare). It was so fun to hear a classic style of writing but with modern language and references. What did YOU see this month?

THIS MONTH, we’re recommending some shows from big organizations and some events from less known partners. First up, we’re SO excited about Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series at SAM. Jacob Lawrence is one of America’s most influential artist and the Migration Series is one of his most famous works. It depicts “the exodus of African Americans from the rural South to the industrial North” after World War I. Lots of our members saw it last month and highly recommend it. I suggest taking a group of friends on a Thursday to see it (SAM is open til 9pm on Thursdays--and it's 2-for-$10 that day!) and then get some ice cream.

Next up, Milk Like Sugar at ArtsWest in West Seattle. (I know the trip to West Seattle is long but I assure you, ArtsWest shows are totally worth it.) While none of us have seen the show, we’re all very excited about it. It tells the story of a group of teenagers who create a life-altering pact. I love seeing shows about teens because I feel particularly connected to the show and characters. ArtsWest does 3pm Sunday matinees and they’re so convenient (especially after brunch!). Go before the show ends on March 25th--bonus points if you hit up their TEEN NIGHT on Saturday, March 18th!

We have a few other recommendations, but we’ll keep it short. Jet City Improv is always a laugh and a great event to take a group of friends to. The Moisture Festival is this month! This two-week comedy/varieté festival is one of the coolest events in town. Don’t miss it!

What are YOU looking forward to this month? Have you seen any of these shows? What did you think? Let us know in the comments and make sure to follow our social media (facebook, twitter, insta!) for more recommendations!

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