Northwest Film Forum has announced their Summer 2009 filmmaking workshops.

Moviemaking in Action: Using Video to Tell Your Stories
Monday-Friday, Aug 24–28, 12–4pm
Instructor: Amanda Becker
Tuition: $250
Max Attendance: 9
Recommended for ages 14-17

In the beginning there is a story. But what does it take to get from story to screen? This week long, intensive course is designed to help you build a story or experiment with themes, learn the basic techniques of digital filmmaking (including: video cameras, lighting, and sound) as well as discovering the magic behind persistence of vision. We'll work in small groups, developing ideas and learning the basic communication skills necessary to function as a filmmaking team. Your 2-3 minute group films will be edited using Final Cut Pro. The course will conclude with a screening of all finished projects in NWFF's cinema.

Mixed Animation Camp
Monday–Friday, July 13–17, 12–4pm
Instructor: Britta Johnson
Tuition: $250
Max Attendance: 10
Recommended for ages 14-17

Are you a first-time animator or a seasoned filmmaker looking to pick up some new tricks and skills? Come join us for a solid week of animation! Classic Disney films and TV shows like Gumby were all made before computers and demonstrated a variety of hands-on animation styles which are still used today in films like Coraline. Students will learn these traditional animation techniques by working with drawings, collage, clay, puppets or objects. Each student will create his or her own short film by going through the whole process: planning a project with scripts and storyboards, using movement to give characters expression, and finishing pieces with voiceovers and sound. Finished films will be compiled on a DVD for students to take home and share.

Visit the NWFF website for more information, and to register for classes.
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