Final Stretch, Here We Come!

Teen Editorial Staff May 2022 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Esha Potharaju and Disha Cattamanchi

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Exam season is in full swing for teens across the country. It can be difficult to ease the waves of stress that accompany exams. We at TeenTix would like to reassure our readers that we have full faith in their abilities. Whatever happens, it will be alright! De-stressing is important for success, both personally and academically. We hope that readers will set time aside to take care of themselves by participating in art, be it a classical music performance or a modern film! There’s a huge selection of events that will be happening this month, and we’d like to highlight just a few that we hope you’ll enjoy.

From May 20-21, Pacific MusicWorks will be holding their music show, Wayward Sisters: A Dynamic Tapestry of Sound, at Benaroya Hall. The event will be an ode to 17th century soprano trios, reimagining the major works of the century as theatrical events. If you’re looking for something more contemporary, catch SIFF’s film Hatching. The film follows a twelve-year-old gymnast as she confronts her conflicts in the form of a fantastical, yet increasingly grotesque, creature that hatches from an egg that she finds in the woods.

While the fantastical elements of art allow us to escape our real world stresses, we also need a realistic crash of grounded contemporary storytelling. Co-produced with Seattle Public Theater, Langston delivers the slice of life theatrical drama, Riverwood, a narrative filled with dreaming and the fears of uncertain futures. Likewise, the exhibit Double Dare Ya at Henry Art Gallery details the gritty and witty self expression of adolescence. Sometimes, the best remedy is relatability, and that's what these arts events have to offer you during the grueling exam season.

Our Seattle Landscape is gearing up towards the end of school, ready to rocket launch into the paradise that is summer. However, before we get there, you all need to rock your exams and finals. Give yourselves a much-needed break during this stressful time by indulging in Seattle’s versatile arts scene, and relish the subliminal relief of viewing a satisfying piece of art. Final stretch, here we come! You are almost there.

Lead Photo: Photo by Tony Tran for Unsplash.

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