Frights and Thrills for the Creative Spirit

Teen Editorial Staff October 2022 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Audrey Gray and Esha Potharaju

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A rush of autumnal spirit thrums in the air. The transition from September to October is jarring—all of a sudden, the wind picks up, carrying the aroma of fall spices, and Halloween seems just around the corner. Throughout the local art scene, creative minds are preparing for this transition, setting up spooky productions of well-known favorites and spine-tingling selections of film and art that are sure to offer you a new vision into what the human mind is capable of creating. This October, seek out some new frights and thrills to get your blood pumping and rejuvenate your spirit, curated by the Teen Editorial Staff here at TeenTix.

If you’re eager to experience how the classic monster-laden iconography of Halloween manifests in the mind of Shakespeare, visit Center Theatre for Seattle Shakespeare Company’s taste of cackling witches and cold-blooded murder in their production of the world-renowned play Macbeth. If you’re riding on that wave of spooky theater but are looking for something a bit more lighthearted and punchy, drop by at Village Theatre to watch Little Shop of Horrors, based on the cult classic 1960s film of the same name. The show is jam packed with comedy, rock, romance, and carnivorous, borderline predatory plants.

If your inclination towards the performing arts lies in cinema, check out Northwest Film Forum’s showing of Decision to Leave, a South Korean mystery film that follows a detective’s romantic endeavors with a widow who happens to be at the center of his ongoing murder investigation. Or if you’re indecisive and enjoy the best of all worlds, Seattle International Film Festival’s DocFest is perfect for you. Running from October 6-13, DocFest is a celebration of documentaries from across the globe, ranging from an entirely female expedition to the North Pole to an underdog tale about hockey.

If dance is more your cup of tea, Edmonds Center for the Arts is showcasing thrilling contemporary dance that stretches the limits of both style and the human body with BODYTRAFFIC, the critically-acclaimed LA-based company. For those fascinated with the uncanny and bizarre, consider checking out Patte Loper’s exhibition Laboratory for Other Worlds at Bellevue Arts Museum, a multi-media installation that seeks to help the viewer expand out of the human realm and into the wider world of plants, animals, and spirits.

In this chilling and sometimes stressful new season, take some time to slow down, breathe in the crisp fall air, and brace yourself for a drop in temperatures. The diverse selection of art covered this month on the TeenTix arts blog ought to keep the Seattle-based art appreciator busy for a while, but if you’re seeking even more, check out the events calendar on our website for suggestions on how to take full advantage of your TeenTix pass. This month, we invite you to refresh your creative spirit and chase some thrills with some new artistic experiences—after all, the spooky season only comes once a year.

Lead Photo: Photo by Marko Blažević @kerber on Unsplash

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