How awesome is PNB?

Totally. Totally. Totally.

This is from PNB's program for Don Quixote

PNB, we love you madly!

(In case you can't read it, the text reads: "Wondering who that young ballet-goer is, sitting in the seat next to you? They could very well be a member of Seattle Center's Teen Tix program. Since the inception of this city-run arts access program for teenagers, Pacific Northwest Ballet has been a proud and passionate participant. Now in its sixth year of operation, Teen Tix provides Seattle-area teenagers with access to 37 arts organizations in an effort to engage young people in Seattle's vibrant cultural scene. Teen Tix membership enables teenagers to purchase day-of-show tickets to music, dance, theater, and arts events for only $5.

For more information, visit Seattle Center's Teen Tix webpage at just lean over and ask the teen sitting next to you.")
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