I thought this prodution was pretty mediocre. I kn…

I thought this prodution was pretty mediocre. I knew that the lyrics would be beeped and what-not, but most these kids could niether act nor sing. The singing was dreadful and I was surprized that no one help these kids out by changing the key for them. It seemed like the director didn't care if the kids could hit the notes or understand the script. All the actors seemed to think that ment being a druggie was all about folding your arms,shivering, ratting your hair and wearing fishnets. I could see that these kids never came close to any sort of adversity. On a positive note: The young man who played Angel was delightful and showed extreme courage in playing his role. Also, Seasons of Love soloist Adrian Slade brought the house down when she belted that high C (even though she was less soulful and more Miley Cyrus), She was the only one that could really sing. Mark, Maureen and Collins were pretty good and only hit a few sour notes. Mimi's Out Tonight was painful, but vocally she got better thoughout the show (acting-wise, not to much) However Joanne and Roger were pretty difficult to sit through and I almost was embarrassed for them. They were both terribly mis-cast Overall, they all tried their best, you could sense that, but there were still some really bad moments.
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