Interview: Amontaine Aurore and Kumani Gantt, Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas

By Tracy M.

I am writing today to express the amazing opportunity I had to interview two very interesting individuals who promote debate with the help of provocative art that fosters a healthy consideration of the meaning of being Black and breaks stereotypes. I spoke with Kumani Gantt, the Executive Director of the Central District Forum, who is thrilled to be leading the organization into its 11th year of illuminating the Black experience through art and debate. The CD Forum's next project is their annual Creation Project Showcase.

The Central District Forum has chosen Amontaine Aurore, a Seattle-based writer and performer, as one of four artists who will present new work during this month’s Creation Project Showcase. Amontaine expressed in the interview for Teen Tix how she feels regarding her play The Year the Revolution Came to White High School High, a 20-minute excerpt of which will be showcased at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center on May 14th and 15th. The play is about Desiree, a character who faces racism, Desiree’s journey to find herself in a society of rejection, and the struggle for identity. Amontaine expresses that it has been a long process of writing and bringing the pieces together for her mostly autobiographical one-person play. She finds her inspiration in her experiences, in music and in the support from her family and friends.

Watch Tracy's interview with Amontaine

She grew up surrounded by an artistic family, who have always supported in her career. She wishes to communicate to youth who may have dealt with situations like the one Desiree’s character faces to remain true to themselves, recognizing that most of the time there are two sides that come along with the search for identity when one faces racism or discrimination for one’s skin color. Amontaine expresses how she dealt with her negative experiences growing up using humor, laughing, and trying to find a positive side to the disturbing and confusing times she was living through.

I would like to thank the CD Forum for the opportunity I had to meet with two very interesting people and I strongly recommend Amontaine´s play The Year the Revolution Came to White High School High. Youth and adults of all ethnicities are encouraged to attend the event.

Thank you, Amontaine for your honesty and your original work.

- Tracy M
May 4, 2010

The Creation Project Showcase featuring:
Amontaine Aurore: The Year the Revolution Came to White High School High
okanomodé (aka SoulChilde): luci’s lamb
Cristina Orbé: The Twisted Tale of Two – a Circus Opera
Storme Webber: Wild Tales of a Renegade Halfbreed Bulldagger
May 14th & 15th @ 8 pm
Rainier Valley Cultural Center
As always, Teen Tix tickets are $5 at the door. Advance tickets ($10 for students) can be purchased at
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