Introducing the 2023/2024 Teen Arts Podcast Group!

Meet the 2023 2024 TAP Teens

TeenTix is proud to announce the 2023/2024 Teen Arts Podcast Group. This year's TAP teens are Ashwari Shende, Blue Counts, Caden Nam, and Mickey FontaineThe TeenTix Arts Podcast (TAP) is a group of teens who produce a monthly podcast focused on arts and culture. The TAP program operates in line with the school-year schedule and runs continuously from September-June. TAP teens get to choose the focus for each episode, and work in partnership with Ground Zero Radio to produce a new episode each month - they also GET PAID FOR THEIR WORK!

Meet the 2023-2024 TAP Teens!

Blue (any pronouns) is a junior at Garfield High School with a love of music and film. They have directed two short films, Just Like Cherry Cola (2023), and Little Worlds (2022), and the latter was nominated for a student Emmy award. Blue loves to debate on their music opinions with family and friends, and will die on the hill that every Beatles cover is better than the original. Their other interests include running around the city taking photos with friends on their film camera, playing their bass guitar in a garage band, seeing live music shows, and most importantly, Willem Dafoe.

Ashwari (she/her) is a junior at International Community School. In addition to constantly seeking out different ways to experience and create art, she loves to read novels and bake. During the summer, Ashwari runs a non-profit online bakery from her home to help homeless women in the Seattle area. She was previously a Teen Docent at Bellevue Arts Museum, and is passionate about learning new things!

Caden (she/her, he/him) is a sophomore at Eastside Prep. She’s experimented with many forms self-expression and is always ready to dip her toes in another medium (her favorites at the moment being printmaking and digital art). Just as she loves discovering her identity through art, she also loves helping other teens find their own — from editing videos for friends, designing band logos, playing cards, and characters for classmates, and now through podcasting, Caden loves seeing ideas flourish beyond their creators.

Mickey (he/him) Hello, my name is Mickey Fontaine! I am 15 years old, and I live in my treasured home with my pets and family in Vashon WA. I am a bassist, producer, rapper, and novelist seeking to develop my skills in teamwork and artistic criticism. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, going to the gym, watching foreign film, and visiting my local shooting range.

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