Seattle Reconciles Future Dreams with Past History in September

Teen Editorial Staff September 2023 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Aamina Mughal and Anna Melomed

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With the first installment of articles from the TeenTix Newsroom coming out in the next few weeks, the Press Corps is writing about works that talk about the tensions between one’s dreams and one’s past as well as the different forms that one’s dreams may take.

At ArtsWest, we’ll be covering Matt & Ben, a look at Matt Damon and Ben Affleck before their fame, in their Good Will Hunting era, pursuing their dreams. Though being a comedic take on the two Hollywood headliners, Matt & Ben reminds us to not let our dreams be deferred but to take on the oncoming year in storm.

Similarly, at West of Lenin, we’ll be covering eSe Teatro’s production of Two Big Black Bags, which follows James in 1982 Seattle as he confronts the ghosts of his involvement in the Malvinas/Falklands Wars through a 10 million dollar trip across the world. This month, the theater will reflect our own journeys as we move from act to act in our own lives. This theme echoes into the Seattle Rep as well where the 7 Fingers, a contemporary physical theater company, are putting on Passengers, and finding new and exciting ways to tell age-old stories.

Kelly Akashi’s Encounters at the Henry Art Gallery will force us to confront the implications of our existence on this world as Akashi explores “humankind amongst other consciousness that have thrived along the earth’s geological timeline”. At Grand Illusion Cinema, we’ll be taking a look at the documentary Carpet Cowboys, which delves into the hidden but rich history of the carpet industry and the people at the heart of it.

From comedies to carpets, this month we hope you take a step to examine Seattle's kaleidoscope of past, present, and future in the arts. Seeing other people's dreams come to life is truly a spectacular event.

Lead Photo Credit: Cimon Parent; Sabine Van Rensburg in Passengers.

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