Keep the Flag Flying Free

Review of Hell and Back Again @ SIFF Cinema by Monet C.

Opening at the SIFF on November 18th, 2011, this gut-wrenching documentary-turned-action film hooked me from the start. FYI – don’t watch this if you are sensitive to blood or language. I traveled from my comfy chair in Everett, to a place where the incongruity of fully-suited soldiers running through freshly plowed fields and fruit trees didn’t strike me as funny, but as scary.

I went into Afghanistan with 25 year-old Marine Nathan Harris, and saw the horrors of war. I never realized how little is actually left over there. My heart stopped when a boy is killed by a missile and I saw him held together by a few threads of muscle. I feared for the men currently over there, as that can happen to them, and has, time and time again.

I can’t think of much to say about this movie, except that I feel honored to be protected by men like Harris and my uncle, yet, at the same time, I feel amazed that other men and women would willingly lay down their lives on a routine basis to keep me safe, and the flag flying free. Thank you to all our armed forces and to the veterans and wounded soldiers here at home.

NOTE: Contains mature material. Recommended for ages 17+.

Hell and Back Again
Through Nov 23
SIFF Cinema

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