Let Loose!

Review of ¡Carnaval! @ Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture by Iman B.

Vibrant colors, playful masks, and music. What do they have in common? Well, they are all parts of the celebration of life from every corner in the world.

The Carnival exhibit provides an entry way for an exhibit attendee to become engulfed in the fun imagination of festival participants. And through the intimidating knowledge of the exhibit assistants, the exhibit gives information and background about the different festivities and how they pertain to each city’s culture. The various forms of cultural art further enhance the beauty of each celebration.

But, the best part of the exhibit is the area for trying on the masks. It allows one's identity to be stolen away to something surreal. The wide variety of masks keeps one pondering what it must've been like to wear one in the middle of a cultural celebration. You can put one on and lose yourself to the mask's identity.

The diverse examples of carnivals are euphorically colorful. However, it reminds the attendee that no matter where you are from, how you party, what color scheme you prefer, or what instrument you play, it is necessary for people to take a break and understand that the concept of letting loose in order to celebrate life is universal. This exhibit is for any art fan or individual that wants to see a lot of color and feel ready to let loose.

Through January 8
Burke Museum

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