Local icon contributes his body to fuel

Look what we discovered while watching clips from the documentary The Yes Men Fix the World (running this week at Northwest Film Forum and our Pick of the Week): Reggie! Yes, that's right, local treasure Reggie Watts took a break from being a musical comedic genius to play the role of "Reggie Watts," an Exxon janitor who donated his cancer-ravaged body to produce thetest version of Vivoleum, ExxonMobil’s new fuel made from the human flesh of climate change victims. At least that's what a conference full of oil and gas execs heard when the Yes Men impersonated Exxon at Canada’s GoExpo 2007.

Don't you want to know how those oil and gas execs reacted?

The Yes Men Fix the World
November 27th - December 3rd
Northwest Film Forum

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