Um, the Nutcracker? Maybe you’ve heard of it?

Tomorrow is a very special day here in Teen Tix land, a day that only comes once a year, a day that we know lots of you spend your whole year dreaming of: it's Teen Tix day at the Nutcracker!!!

Every year, as a show of appreciation for the love that you give them all year long, PNB sets aside some tickets just for Teen Tix members for one performance of their wildly popular Nutcracker ballet. This year, that day is tomorrow!

There are a limited number of Teen Tix tickets available for the Nutcracker ballet tomorrow, Sunday, November 29th at 5:30 PM.

Here's the deal: There are 100 Teen Tix tickets available. They will be sold, in person only, starting at 4:00 pm at the box office at McCaw Hall. There are NO companion (2 for $10) ticketsavailable - you may buy one ticket per Teen Tix member only. Once they are sold out, that's it. No more Teen Tix. So get your holiday spirit on, get in line early, and have a wonderful time.

P.S. One of our official Teen Tix photographers will be there taking pictures of Teen Tixers in line for the show, so, if you see her, say hi!

For more info about the show or directions to McCaw Hall, visit PNB's website
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