Lovers of photography, make for the Henry!

The Seattle Times says that right now is a great time to explore "camera art" at the Henry (which we're pretty sure means, y' We saw the show last week and we find them to be entirely correct.

There are gorgeous, huge, color prints of sawmills and forests and the people who live and work in them in Eirik Johnson's Sawdust Mountain:

Photos of the WTO riots that recall (very beautiful) YouTube stills in Allan Sekula's Waiting for Teargas:

And, of course, the arresting, "irresistible" (says the Stranger's Jen Graves) show of early polaroids by the late, infamous stirrer of controversy Robert Mapplethorpe:
The Henry is open from 11-9 Thursdays & Fridays, and 11-4 on Saturdays & Sundays. Go!

Note: this show contains nudity and depictions of sexuality.
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