Meanwhile, in Finland…

...doctors are prescribing theatre to sick people. Seriously.

From Arts Journal:

"...those of us who value the arts have a new ally in the form of Turku, European capital of culture for 2011. The city in south-west Finland has decided that 'culture cures' and seen to it that its board of healthcare will distribute 5,500 free tickets for cultural events to people who show up at its municipal health centres. Turku's mayor, Aleksi Randell, has effectively handed the medical establishment control of the box office."

Blasted: Not Salubrious

To me, the funniest thing about this article is that the photo they used is from a production of Sarah Kane's rapey, cannibal-y, torture-y, absolutely brutal play Blasted, a piece of theatre almost guaranteed to make you sick (if you weren't already.)

- Holly A.
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