Meet the 2023-2024 New Guard!

New Guard

The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society trains teens to become the next generation of arts leaders. New Guardians connect with fellow teen arts-goers to explore the arts and culture in our community and learn from the people who make it happen. The New Guard meets twice a month. Once for an arts outing and second for a meeting with focus areas like youth arts advocacy, career exploration, and community building. This year they are partnering with ACT Theater in our first ever Community Partner Residency Program and working to program engaging activities at Community Day events this season. Keep an eye out for social media takeovers, blog posts, special projects, and more from this awesome group of teens!

The New Guard operates in line with the school-year schedule and runs continuously from September to June. Interested in the New Guard? Apply this spring to join the group for the 2024-2025 school year!

Meet the 2023-2024 New Guard Arts Leadership Group!

Charlotte (she/her) is a junior at The Bush School. She is often found drawing in her sketchbook (or any available surface), or painting. Charlotte is open and interested in trying out many different mediums, but acrylic is near and dear to her heart. Charlotte also loves to co-lead her school's film club, listen to music, attend concerts, and curate her Pinterest and Spotify playlists. Charlotte’s favorite atmosphere is listening to The Sundays, painting, and drinking a London fog latte.

Zoey (she/her) is a sophomore at Bellevue High School. In her free time, she is either spending time at an art studio, at some sports practice, or cheering her friends on at a game. She is a talkative person who loves getting to know new people. Zoey had a passion for music, her sports like water polo and cross country and dabbling in new art mediums.

Gwen (she/her) is a junior at Bellarmine Preparatory School, where she is actively involved in the theatre department and vocal ensemble. In addition to that, she is a member of the CampTMP Youth Board in Tacoma. Her hobbies include reading loads of books and listening to both popular and obscure musicals. She enjoys viewing theatre and dissecting her favorite moments with the people she sees it with. She has had a deep love of the arts for her whole life, which has led her to want to help more teens get involved. Gwen has a strong belief that creativity is one of the most important things in the world, and introducing more young people to the arts is what keeps that creativity alive and burning bright.

Photo credits: @kamrynlittletonphotography

Natalie (she/her) is a sophomore at Ballard High School with a passion for performing arts. When she isn't rehearsing, she can be found reading, doing homework, or spending time with her family! She adores exploring new ways to create and experience art and is always on the hunt for a new adventure :)

Sayaan (they/them) is a sixteen-year-old junior at Redmond High School. They love film and writing and hope to pursue filmmaking in the future. They’ve worked on multiple productions, including their own debut film Celastrus (2023). They love being a part of the New Guard and learning about arts leadership with fellow art lovers! Outside of New Guard, Sayaan loves to play with their dog, cook, and take photos and videos of literally anything.

Paige (she/her) is a 15 year old girl who loves to draw any chance she gets. Her favorite medium to use is alcohol markers and has so many sketchbooks she has a drawer full of them. She loves to create stories and characters and gets most of her inspiration while looking at her surroundings, whether that be a big city or the woods. She is also very inspired by music and loves music production class at her school. She is saving to buy a guitar and likes to write funny lyrics for her friends.

Zoe (any) is a senior at Stanford Online High School. She sells her linocut prints and works in almost every visual medium she has access to, from oil painting to crayons! An activist since age nine, they primarily take action in the climate space and love TeenTix’s accessibility work. Zoe adores basically all forms of science, but especially math and physics, which she plans to pursue in university.

Chloe (she/her) is a senior at The Downtown School. Excited to be serving on the New Guard, Chloe hopes to have an awesome time with the other New Guard peeps! In her free time, she loves to watch films (especially at festivals), read, and make music.

The New Guard also includes: Lian (they/them) and Jade (she/they)

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