Mykaila’s Glimmer Journal

Post #2: The Art Lens

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Dancer Bianca Cabrera

In my first journal about receiving a personal solo, I said that I think that receiving this solo will force me to confront myself in new ways. I have been thinking about how art is sometimes a lens for viewing ourselves. Art is often a form of self-expression—a way to show others what we believe, think, or feel. In this way, artists use art to clearly articulate what is inside them. People who experience art are also given the opportunity to better understand themselves. By examining others' beliefs and feelings, we may more clearly define what we believe or feel, even if it means saying, "That is not what I believe." It often causes us to experience new things—things we have not thought to experience, things we don't want to experience, things that don't really affect us deeply, things that we love and, and things that we enjoy regularly. Our responses to experiences show us pieces of ourselves. Art is always witnessed by at least one person. The artist who creates the art is the first person to witness it. There are at least as many reactions to art as there are witnesses to the art. Our reactions are different because of our individual personalities and our unique experience as people.

So, what does this have to do with my solo? I'm not really sure. I didn't set out to write this stuff, I just set out to write a journal. I guess it's just going to be a completely original art experience. Bianca has created a work of art just for me. She has looked at me through the art lens, and needs me to look at myself this way right along with her. It's a bit disquieting... Ready or not, here it comes.

See dancer Bianca Cabrera's dance for Mykaila at 6:15 PM Tuesday, March 23rd at the Greenlake skate park.

A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light is an innovative, interactive new work from Seattle Magazine's 2007 Dance Artist of the Year, KT Niehoff and her company, Lingo Dance. 30 people, including two members of the Teen Tix reviewer corps, Anna B and Mykaila O, have been chosen to receive a custom made solo from one of the Glimmer cast. They have all filled out a questionnaire designed to find out who they are: driver or passenger? sweet or savory? what items are currently in your pocket? what is the last thing you lost? what is a Seattle location you love? Glimmer cast members are using the answers to tailor-make a performance for each person to watch. The dances are personal but performed in public locations throughout the city, available for any and all to see. See dancer Bianca Cabrera's dance for Mykaila at 6:15 PM Tuesday, March 23rd at the Greenlake skate park. Read other recipients' journals on the Glimmer Blog.

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Find out more about Lingo Dance Theater at
The culminating performances of A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light run April 22nd - May 15th at
ACT Theatre.
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