Navigating the Arts Scene in Seattle

Guided By Yours Sincerely—The New Guard🎭🫡

Written by TeenTix New Guardians Chloe Sow and Charlotte Sanders

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The scariest thing is often a blank canvas. From galleries to improv shows to explore, where do you start to choose which arts events to see? For many of us, time is precious. It’s true—we want to see, discover, and learn everything under the—rarely visible—Seattle sun, especially for art-lovers like us. However, with time taken up by school, theater, clubs, work, etc., it’s not always possible.

What to do? Never fear! TeenTix’s New Guard is here—we’ll give a few tips, tricks, and recs to find the next inspiring art exhibition, “whimsical” play, or impactful film.

Thus, today, we’ll address the dilemma of choosing what type of art to see, do, or even discover.

First of all, what interests you? Do you like exploring art that has cultural or political relevance? Or would you rather be part of the “making of art,” whether it be in the audience, studio, or stage?

Your answers to these questions inform your starting point—an arrow moving you in the right direction—as you jump into the multitude of possibilities!

And if you’re not sure yet, do not worry! You don’t need to limit yourself; with TeenTix, there aren’t repercussions to trying something new and not liking it.

Photo Credit: Community Day for Cambodian Rockband at ACT Theater, one of the New Guard Arts Outings, courtesy of Coco Allred

To facilitate some initial interest in events you might be interested in going to the TeenTix Events Calendar, and if you want curated arts picks every week, sign up for the TeenTix Newsletter! You might look around your school or workplace. Any flyers, pamphlets, and posters on the walls or bulletin board?

Advertisements in your communities signal personal connections—someone cared enough to put up that poster on the wall you walk past every day. Whether it be finding something—or someone—to actively engage with your communities, it only takes a poster to add some magic to your outing decisions. (It might even lead you to a newfound passion! 😍).

We’ll start though—we can be your first resource~ (and we don’t take this duty lightly). Why? In The New Guard, cool outings to check out are more often a topic of discussion than not.

Here are some of the opportunities we’ve talked about lately….

  1. Theater + $5 TeenTix tickets?! The 5th Avenue Theatre is a TeenTix favorite with its accessibility! The New Guard is going to see Tribute to John Williams at Seattle Symphony on Jan 20th, 8:00 PM. Come see the show with us!

  2. Last month we saw White Christmas at 5th Ave Theater (And Something's Afoot in March! 🧩🗝️🎭) And check out an entirely teen-run production at The 5th's Rising Star Project: Something's Afoot April 11 - 13.

  3. Interested in studio art? The Gage Academy of Art offers free drop-in art studio sessions every Friday!

But let’s say you’re stuck at home, sick. You can’t leave the four walls of your room, and thus can’t go to the event you wanted to go to—uh-oh…

DON’T WORRY—there are still options for you at home. When it comes to movies, books, plays, or even paintings, art is often inspired by–or in dialogue with–other art. Researching or going in-depth into your favorite piece is a great way to spin an old favorite into a new conversation.

How? Watch a movie adaptation of a favorite play. Find a painting inspired by a scene in a novel. These are just suggestions—there’s so much more! By diving into these rabbit holes, you explore the breadth of the field, exploring tangential information.

Art’s civic participation. Art is a boundless journey of self-expression and creativity. Just take a step to embark on this remarkable adventure—we’ll always be by your side, as we’re still exploring and learning about many artistic avenues every day~

We believe in you, and you can do it!


The New Guard 🫡

Lead Photo Credit: New Guardians and Friends at White Christmas at 5th Avenue Theater, courtesy of Coco Allred

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