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Great Speeches from a Dying World @ The Northwest Film Forum


Finding that homeless people seem to be invisible to the rest of society, director Linas Phillips (Walking To Werner) set out to familiarize himself with 12 people who were living on the streets of Seattle. As he developed friendships and discovered each person's particular struggles, he asked the subjects to read a famous speech from history that they felt related to their lives. Phillips encounters human empathy and hope alongside the low points of extreme poverty in this intimate exploration of homelessness.

"It's a bracing reminder that these speeches articulate, in an immediate and visceral way, the experiences of living people in desperate circumstances. It strips away the crust of history and sterility from the words, making them unsettling—and dangerous—all over again." -The Stranger.

LAST SHOWINGS TONIGHT: December 11, 7pm & 9pm

More info:

Movie line: (206) 829-7863

Tickets are sold at the box office and are sold only for day of show, starting 30 minutes prior to showtime.

Northwest Film Forum is located on Capitol Hill, 1515 12th Ave, Seattle WA 98122, on 12th between Pike and Pine. It is served by buses 2, 8, 9,10,11,12, 43, 49, 60 and 84. For bus schedules:

New venue added: Northwest Film Forum!

Northwest Film Forum (NWFF) now operates the region's first and only non-profit center for the film arts. NWFF programs a true cinematheque, embracing film production as well as film exhibition, with two cinemas (46 and 120 seats), film production and post-production facilities and equipment, educational workshop space, filmmaker offices, a film vault containing over 1,000 titles, and a filmmaking library. NWFF aides 250 filmmakers in the production of nearly 80 films, and offers more than 60 workshops annually. Check out more info on the wide range of workshops on all areas of creating a film: NWFF cinemas showcase the best in American and international cinema, 360 days a year, as well as quarterly world premiere live performances.

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