Revived, Invigorated and Inspired!

A review of Black Nativity

at INTIMAN Theatre

By Molly L.

Langston Hughes said it best when he described his work of art as “A Gospel Song Play.” That is exactly what it is! Black Nativity is “a,” it is one of a kind, there isn’t anything else quite like it. It is a gospel, spreading the news of Jesus’ birth. The show is a Song, there is so much singing preformed by very talented musicians with amazing soloists. Finally, the show is a play; it is a theatrical interpretation of a story told through words and movement.

I’ve seen this play three times before and every time I realize all over again how amazing and unique this show really is. This show is truly a journey; not only are the actors onstage performing a musical, dramatic journey, but you are living one too. When you go to this show at the Intiman, you’ll lose yourself. From the very first note you are captivated, drawn into the story, into the music. The story sucks you in, without knowing it you forget to blink, your eyes are transfixed by the action onstage. Your soul is hooked too. You gulp in the songs about love, about peace, hungry for more. Your heart beats faster with the powerful poetry about change and equality by Langston Hughes.

Songs, one after another, each bring you somewhere new. The joy on the choir members’ faces is infectious. So much powerful, joyful dancing interprets the story that the narrators are reading. All the characters are so beautiful, so unique, presenting their well-known stories. There is an indescribable mood and emotion filling everyone there, “I can feel it in the atmosphere-the presence of the Lord is here,” the choir sings. You can tell that they truly believe it. No matter who you are, what your background is or what religion you belong to, you know that there is some other presence too. The show ends and you return to yourself, but there are some notable changes, you aren’t the person you came to the show as: you’re revived and invigorated, and inspired!

Black Nativity plays now through Decmeber 27th

at INTIMAN Theatre, located in Seattle Center

201 Mercer Street, Seattle WA 98109

for tickets and info, call 206.269.1900 or visit
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