The New Guard: Fall 2019 Updates!

What does the New Guard actually DO? Learn more about their recent projects!


The New Guard is the heart and soul of TeenTix, making sure the teen voice is centered in everything we do & keeping the organization accountable to its constituents. But what do they actually DO? We're stoked to share some of the work they've been doing this Fall:

  • Planning and Curating the Teeny Awards!
    Did you know that the New Guard leads the voting process amongst the TeenTix membership? They do! They're also an integral part of serving on the planning committee with TeenTix Leadership, leading the activities at the Teeny Awards, and hosting the show.
  • Holding a Resume Writing/Mock Interview Workshop
    This is an annual meeting to help young folx feel professionally prepared for the job world. TeenTix Partner representatives and adults are welcome with an invitation - please reach out to us if this is something you want to join us in doing next year!
  • Supporting TeenTix Arts Partners
    Once a year, Arts Partners are invited to join New Guardians at a meeting to talk about teen programming, youth outreach practices, and to get advice on how to build teen leadership groups at their organizations. Next year's meeting is in February 2020!
  • Producing the Teen Arts & Opportunities Fair!
    The New Guard is excited to once again produce their Teen Arts & Opportunities Fair in Spring 2020 (stay tuned for how you can participate as partner) - and to prep for that, they invited members of our Arts & Culture Partner community to join in a discussion on arts equity when producing events in town. Some of their questions included:
    • Why is racial equity necessary in the arts specifically/especially?
    • How do we invite people into a space without tokenizing them (specifically in terms of effective outreach)?
    • How can youth play a role in racial equity conversations?
    • Within an art world that’s inherently motivated by profit, how do we balance racial equity, inclusion and community-building?
  • Focusing on Racial Equity in the Arts
    This has been a big topic for The New Guard lately, so much so that some of them have launched a new program called the Colorization Collective. Here's Kaylyn Ready, New Guard alum, discussing how she found and came to love dance:

  • Does this all sound like stuff you'd love to do? The New Guard is now accepting applications for the Spring 2020 Cohort! Apply by December 3, 2019. More details here.

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