No Tricks, Just Treats

Teen Editorial Staff October 2021 Editorial

Written by Teen Editorial Staff Members Eleanor Cenname and Valentine Wulf

Oct ed

During this predictably cold and dreary season, we believe in seeking out the treats. Maybe that means ingesting a veritable bathtub’s worth of pumpkin spice coffee products, cracking open the old autumn sweater collection, or, if you are anything like us, becoming over-excited by the three new Light Rail stations. As you remember to treat yourself this month, let us also treat you with some fantastic art. Our upcoming reviews will guide you through just some of the arts events that we hope you will explore this month!

First up, we’ve got the Duo Comedy Showcase at Unexpected Productions! This open mic improv event is Every Wednesday from September 29 to December 29. Anyone can sign up to perform improv with a partner in front of a crowd. The Duo Comedy showcase is a great way to practice your improv skills, build your confidence onstage, or just have some fun with a friend! A mixture of experience levels makes this event wild from start to finish for both the crowd and the performers.

If you’re feeling that Halloween vibe, Horror Unexpected: Spooky Sundays, also at Unexpected Productions, is a fun way to get into the spooky spirit. You can see this Halloween-themed improv parody show October 10 at 8pm and October 17 at 9pm. Based on audience suggestions, Unexpected Productions will improvise a never before seen show based on horror classics.

For the costume lovers out there, MoPOP’s got you covered. Heroes & Villains: The Art of the Disney Costume will inspire your inner fashion designer with their display of 70 original pieces, including the 20 pound, 12 layer dress from the 2015 live action Cinderella.

If horror is more your speed, Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film is also open at MoPOP, featuring more than 50 props and costumes from horror classics, including A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13, and The Walking Dead.

MoPOP’s exhibits got you in the mood to actually watch a horror movie? Then come grab a virtual seat in the Grand Illusion Cinema! Playing October 22-28, Steven Kostanski’s Psycho Goreman comes to the screen. This campy satire of classic ‘80s horror features two children who accidentally befriend a world-destroying entity.

Gore not your thing? Then come see some shadow people at Edmonds Center for the Performing Arts! Dance group Catapult, once featured on America’s Got Talent, has a one time show October 23 at 12 pm.

For people who aren’t in a Halloween mood and would prefer something more socially relevant, Contact High: A Visual History of Hip Hop at MoPOP explores four decades of photography, from the late 1970s to today, documenting a revolution in politics, race relations, fashion, and culture. And at Town Hall, you can tune in to The Genetic Lottery and listen to clinical psychology professor Paige Harden debunk eugenics.

For more information, check out the October TeenTix Arts Podcast, where we go more in depth about some of these spooky events. Happy Halloween!

Lead photo credit: David Menidrey @cazault on Unsplash

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