Donate to THE 2016 ACCESS FUND + #FlexYourTeenTixMuscles by December 31!

Join our friendly competition + make sure that life-changing arts experiences remain within reach for #EverySingleTeen by making a donation to TeenTix before December 31st!

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It's in YOUR power to ensure that life-changing arts experiences remain within reach for all teens! Donate to TeenTix before December 31st.

Tis' the season for giving, and when you give to TeenTix you can start the new year knowing that you did your part to keep safe, enriching, empowering, inspiring arts experiences accessible to ALL young people.

TeenTix is a member-sustained organization. This means that TeenTix only exists because of the teens, alums, parents, arts workers, teachers, and community members who support it. Your gift today will help put art in the hands of over 15,000 teenagers next year–teens like Arista (above), who might otherwise never have the life-changing opportunity to attend the arts.


Each November and December, we ask our members, families, and community supporters to help us the raise the money needed to ensure that we can send a free TeenTix pass to every young person who wants one during the following year. This is The Access Fund: the hard costs associated with providing free TeenTix passes.


It breaks down like this:

This year, TeenTix members have gained access to literally thousands of arts events. But, most importantly, they've done it on their own terms. The magic of TeenTix is that we're not about telling young people how to engage with the arts. We're about offering them the tools to figure it out on their own.

After over ten years of doing this, here's what we know for sure: today's arts-empowered youth are tomorrow's passionate citizens. We are ready to do the exciting work of empowering young people to take an active role in their arts community as audience members, critics, leaders, influencers, and patrons. But everything we do starts with that little, free pass, and, to make that happen, we need your help.

Did you know that TeenTix receives no money from the ticket sales that we facilitate? Those dollars go straight to our partner organizations, and that's how it should be. But an organization like TeenTix still costs money to run. That's where you come in! We need to raise $10,200 by December 31st in order to ensure that we can send a free TeenTix to any teen who wants one next year. Please, do your part and give today.


Our supporters represent all of the different facets of our community, and we're really proud of that. To celebrate you, this year, we're injecting a little friendly competition into our drive. For each gift, we'll add one MIGHTY BICEP to the appropriate column. Which group will win?!

Remember, it's the NUMBER of gifts that counts, not the amount. TeenTix is a small, efficient organization. Small donations can make a big impact for us. Give today, and help your team to victory!

If you feel that TeenTix makes your life or your community better, please don't take it for granted, and don't leave it to the next person. Remember, there's only one TeenTix, and only because of you.

This community is special. This community is mighty! So go ahead, #FlexYourTeenTixMuscles and donate today. Together, #WeCanDoIt.

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